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It's not "what to say" and "how to say it" but "what our audience are hearing and saying" that's important.

We need to connect emotionally with our customers and create an ecosystem or Story World for them to co-create with us our desired brand narrative.
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Join us on the journey of directing your brand narrative!

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Role of the Brand in a Story

When integrating the brand into stories, one of the most common mistakes is to make the brand into the hero of the story. Audience will feel distant from the story and will not develop emotional connections with it.

This mini-course looks at the different roles that the brand should play in each of the 7 main story archetypes. Examples of award winning ads are included for easy understanding.

NOTE: The PDF is now available for free in the "3 Common Mistakes in Brand Storytelling" module in the Members Hub. This paid product comes with the Bonus MindMap.

Wake Up Your Ideas!

Always short of ideas?

Creative thinking is a CAPABILITY that we all have! Just that as we grow up, it has gotten covered with cobwebs for some of us.

Time to Wake Up Your Ideas!

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